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I am looking into buying the CK1004 LED Flasher from Carls Electronics. The PDF on the kit does not specify all of the flashing modes. I am particularly looking for a sequence flasher that Lights LED 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then turns them all off kind of like a Mustang tailight kit. Could you tell me the different kind of modes, and does the flasher stay in a certain mode when it is powered off or does it start on the default mode?


Dave B.

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Sorry but I have no more information as to the other flash modes - just what is mentioned in the PDF.

From reading the PDF it seems that the kit powers up to the default 'no LEDs' mode so looks like it doesn't remember the last mode selected.

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A bit late to the conversation, but here you go:

DIY K37 Flash Modes
- connect power - no lights
- switch x1 - All ON steady
- switch x2 - All flash ON/OFF
- switch x3 - sequence R -> L, one at a time
- switch x4 - as x3, but slower, and appears to be a pause between shifts
- switch x5 - sequence back and forth ( <- / -> )
- switch x6 - Sequence L -> R (opposite of x3)
- switch x7 - All fast flicker
- switch x8 - off

* trimpot adjusts speed, so changes flash effect somewhat
** holes on motherboard for battery pack wires are way oversize,
    with small solder pads -- handle with care!

The things I do with my spare time ;-)
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