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I am having trouble getting the pic i programmed to work within my circuit.  (I created a hex file in mplab, imported it and programmed it onto the pic.  I then transfer the device to the circuit and it does nothing... I have read it using the k149 after i programmed it and the code is definitely transferred..... 

My code is built successfully in MPLAB but i get no functionality in both my circuit and breadboard... (the pic is powered correctly).

please help as this is driving me mad and i am completely lost as to how to fix this problem (the programmer appears to be working but evidence shows it is not).

The code/program is very simple (flashing led and a push button.. so it should work)

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If the hex file has been successfully programmed into the PIC then I suggest the problem is with either the code itself or your circuit/breadboard.

I am not a PIC user so I cannot comment on your software.
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