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I'm very new to electronics. I want to control speed of a DC motor. After watching several videos from YouTube, I have Purchase K150 Programmer ,PIC16F877A & L293D from ebay. After googling for few hours I have managed to install win8.1 driver and now com4 works correctly. But when I try to read from PIC16F877A it gives an error.

A) The programmers does not recognize the [16F877A] processor 
Continue anyway? Yes / No
If I press yes it continues to read and its all 0000. 

If I try to erase it gives the same error and if I press Yes, it continues to erase. But when I recheck it says not erased.

 If I insert  L293D, chip selector PIC16F877A and try to read, it give same error. But if I press yes it continues to read and gives some data like F300 F300 .... So I think it's able to read from the chip

Why does the programmer does not recognize 16F877A processor.
Is it a problem with Win8.1 driver or something else?

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If you purchased K150 from eBay then it is a pirate copy and not supported by DIY Electronics. Suggest you ask supplier for help.

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Pirate K150 has a design error that causes the non-recognition of 40-pin PICs, this error is a small trail under the ICSP plug, you take it off with a small screwdriver and scrapes this track. (No need to remove pin ICSP plug with solder). It turns out that with this failure ZIF socket pins 1 is shorted to pin 5 and 16, so the collectors of Q2 and Q3 are curtocircuitados. when only the transmitters should be. While shaving this little track you eliminate contact between pins 1 and 5-16, the resistance should give 20K ohms, so the recorder back to recognize the PICS 16F877 etc ... all 40 pins. Detail: even with the design flaw the recorder works in ICSP.
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