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For some reason when I try to reply to Frank's reply to my post below concerning the K100 problem, it sends me to a page that says:

"Sorry! You don't have permission to perform this action." 

Yes I am logged in. So now the kit AND the forum don't work. Frustrating to say the least.

Frank, thanks for your response. All 5 links are properly in place. The IC was properly oriented with no pins bent. Carefully re-installed the IC and still have the same results.


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Not sure what the problem with the forum is. You can post but not reply - strange. Certainly not had that issue before.

As for K100:
I have nothing else that I can think of to try. All I can suggest is that you have a soldering problem or wrong component placement. Only other factor would be the power supply.

You are welcome to send me the kit for repair - no charge. All I ask is payment for return postage. Please email me direct for further details.

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