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Hi All,

I have recently purchased a K150 and after quite a few headaches, have managed to update the firmware on my PIC16F628A to P18A. (so that it is matched to the version of MicroBrn i am using "25EP")

Having done that, I have had trouble in programming very simple programs to any of my 18F2431 chips.

When I load the hex file (generated by MPLAB), i receive this error:

"ROM error at 0x0000

Good 0xEF63
Bad 0xFFFF"

I am able to read the configuration on the 18F2431, erase it, and i get no errors about being able to detect the chip. It is only the programming operation that gives me an error and doesnt complete correctly.

When i do read the chip back, I find that the program has not transmitted and is still blank.

Further to this, i have tried uploading a test hex file to a 16F84A with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

I'm really at a loss having trawled forums for the past few days and would really appreciate some help

If it matters, i am using a mac with windows 7 x64 running in bootcamp.

Also, i shall attach a copy of the hex file (generated by MPLAB) i am attempting to upload to the chip, below:

It's operation is to just set all of PORTB to output high.


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Hi again,

To help with analysis, I've just attempted to replicate the error on my home windows desktop (running windows 7 x64), and it is repeatable, the exact same error appears when attempting to program the 18F2431.

If anyone has come across any similar problems then I'd really like to hear from you.

Again, Kind Regards,

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Okay, so, as I hate it when people don't post solutions to their problems on forums, I'm following this up.

The chip requires Vdd to be connected to the ADC ref+ pin when programming. So a wire connecting pin 20 and pin 7 of the 18F2431 is all that was required.

Who'd have thought that googling the PIC model and the error would provide a link explaining just that. 

I think i'm having one of those days/weeks!
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