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I ordered the Infra Red Movement Detector kit (after emailing about   my problem with it I was referred here for support from the site I bought it from). I've assembled and soldered it completely, but the output does not work, nor does the 2nd LED (that's supposed to indicate output). The red LED works and seems to correspond to motion detection, and I've checked and re-checked all of the solder points to make sure I made no mistakes. The only thing I can find that might be an issue is the 470nF monoblock (C10 on the kit diagram). The part I received has "474" stamped on it. It's the only part in the kit that doesn't have the same number stamped as in the pamphlet. I'd like to know if this part is incorrect and if possible receive or buy a replacement. (I know the soldering on the 3 resistors in a row is a mess but I've made sure there's no connection there)DSCF4603.JPG

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The capacitor C10 that you received is correct (474 = 470nF).

From looking at your photo I think you may have soldering problems. Some of the joints do not look like good soldering to me. Also the fact that some parts work and some do not also indicates a soldering problem. I assume all components are in correct positions.

I suggest you get someone else to check over your soldering - someone who has some experience in soldering.
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