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The readme_ep.pdf file does list, under known (unfixable) problems
'Does not SAVE the config word settiongs correctly', but didn't give any more detials about what is affected

I have discovered the following, that I haven't seen posted about before:

Using a PIC16F88 device, which has a second CONFIG2 word:

When saving from Microbrn (v150807, from DIYpack25ep), then CONFIG2 word (Word_Address 2008h) is saved with contents of CONFIG1 (Word_Address 2007h), so both word are always identical.
So the last two listed 16F88 Fuse bits (Switch over mode, Fail Safe) which are the two lowest bits in CONFIG2 can get corrupted in the saved file (depending on settings of Oscillator bits FOSC0,1 in CONFIG1 word)
Saving an 'Object' format file, gives exactly the same file contents  as a Hex File, so doesn't help.

Loading a Hex file not saved from Microbrn does display the correct fuse settings, as does reading / verifying a device.
So if reloading a previously Microbrn-saved file, then the last few fuse bits may need correcting before programming.

Other devices are likely to be affected by this issue.
The PIC16F628A appears to work OK, as it only has a single CONFIG word.

Also noticed that (User) ID bits are only 16bit long, wheras MPLAB has 32bits for PIC16F88. So FFFF in Microbrn becomes 0F0F0F0F when reading on MPLAB.

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I am trying to download HEX file to PIC 16F84A. When program, the message appear
" The programmer does not recognise the [16F84A] processor
Continue anyways?" Please advice what step should i made.
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