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I need help finding a person or company who can help me design a custom circuit from an existing DIY kit for a home-based project. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Some details of my project are below:
I am looking for help in modifying this ( DIY kit to detect when the water through a 2" piece of transparent pipe becomes dirty. I am using the pump to transfer clean water from a pond and need to detect when the pump begins to suck sediment from the bottom to limit the amount of dirty water transferred while left unattended. I will be placing the transmitter directly across from the receiver on the outside of the transparent pipe. 
I am sure this will require further discussion, but here is what I would like modified, which i think will produce exactly what I need. I hope it is explained clearly. My apologies for the lack of knowledge and nomenclature. 
  • Entire circuit onto one board
  • 115v as power source (terminal block and transformer would be fine) Note: the onboard relay would be switching same powersource downstream (correct term?) from board.
  • Ability to adjust sensitivity (maybe a potentiometer, I am unsure if this would make sense with this circuit since I don't understand how the IR is generated or received.)  Sometimes the pump will just suck up a little sediment and I don't think it would fully break the beam, so I'm thinking a sensitivity adjustment would be required to ensure the beam is broken even when a small amount of sediment is detected. 
  • The relay should be normally closed when power is off to circuit board and the relay should latch/remain open when the beam is broken until the board is power cycled.
I would genuinely appreciate any help or direction.Ultimately I would need the schematics, PCB design, and parts list, but would be glad if pointed in the direction of someone or a company that does projects like these for a living. 


Daniel Lockhart

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Correction: I had said there is no "door minder" kit by DIY.

Actually, it *does* exist, as K130.

If you don't get any help here, try these forums:

Good luck with your project,

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