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Good afternoon, my question is this;
I’m trying to hook up a device to my 2 way radio’s speaker so that when activity/radio transmissions are heard, it will activate a LED status light for a few seconds so that I know which radio it came from. I know the radio already has a channel activity led but it’s very small and only stays lit while the transmission is being received. Too small and if I’m delayed in looking at all 5 radios that I’m monitoring and the message has ended, the built in led is already off. So I was curious, can I cut the mic off and wire this direct to my speaker wire pair and if needed adjust the sensitivity, and this would trigger a built in relay to turn a larger 12 volt LED for up to 5 seconds ? Am I understanding this correctly ?

Thanks in advance and I look forward to your reply.
Best regards,
John C

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G'day Chief,
not too sure what room the radio has internally, but I would take the wire off the led and depending what voltage and current it needs,
go for a larger led with similar parameters.
Failing this, put in a small FET and have it drive a higher voltage/current led.
Hope this helps and gives you some ideas.


Thanks for your time.
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