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I have problems writing the right OSCCAL value to a PIC16F630 with my K150.
First I read out the new blank PIC16F630. The OSCCAL value was 3428.

After that I loaded the hex file into MicroBrn. I edited the last value (dooub clicking on it) from 3FFF to 3428 and programmed the PIC with that modified hex.

After that I read the PIC16F630 out again. The OSCCAL Value shows 34FF now.
So at the moment I do not understand why there is the wrong value?

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This forum is for people who purchase genuine DIY programmers, not pirate copies. If you are having problems then ask the reseller.

Having said that, the programmer works fine with a lot of PICs however they do have known bugs (see readme file in the install folder). Development of these programmers stopped long ago so these bugs will not be fixed.
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