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Hi - I'm looking at purchasing a 3 of the K166v2 kits to use as model train speed controllers but have a few questions. From what I can gather these do PWM at 270Hz - will this cause excessive audible hum from the motors when operating ?

Does the 100k potentiometer has a centre detent ? If not, and I can source one that does, it there any way to calibrate the circuit to cause zero output when the potentiometer is on the centre detent ? I assume that with a standard potentiometer you would just move the knob until the motor stops, this may not coincide with the centre point of the centre detent pot if that makes sense.

I thought about maybe changing R2 or R1 with another potentiometer to adjust the centre point of the circuit.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re hum:
Hard to say as it depends on the motors.

Re centre point:
Yes, you could substitute a trimpot for either R1 or R2 to move the centre point to match any detent on your potentiometer.
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