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Hello, I was wondering how I would go about getting the 16F828 chip with the alternative firmware. I'm in Florida and I purchased the kit from Carl's Electronics Should I ask them if they can get one for me or can I order one directly from you.


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Suggest you contact Carl's and see if they can help. They probably won't have the chip 'on the shelf' but the HEX file for programming another chip is freely available (see link below).

Options are that they could program a chip for you or you could do it yourself if you have the tools available.

I am just a reseller like Carl's. I also manage this forum. I can supply the chip but I am in Melbourne Australia! Obviously shipping cost and delivery time will be an issue.

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Yeah, they told me you're across the pond.

Could you figure the cost to ship three of them to the 32257 zip? If not, I'll ask Lisa at Carl's if she could order them from you for me.

Thank you.

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