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Hello.  I've built the Kit 32 FM transmitter and it seems to work well.  In fact the mic works too well, its sensitivity is impressive.
I actually want to use this device to transmit audio from a device e.g. cellphone or ipod to a receiver a couple of hundred meters away.  The sensitive mic will pick up too much background noise so I am back to my initial requirement which was for a transmitter that can take an audio signal coming from a player device and transmit it (I could not find such a transmitter or kit though).

So my question is:  What will be required to replace the mic with a audio jack so that I can connect the transmitter with the audio output of my music player?

Thanks in advance.


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Try this: 
Remove R1 and the Mic from the circuit. 
Then add a 50K pot, as shown in the attached diagram.
C1 may need some adjustment: if the audio level seems weak, try replacing it with a 100n cap.  

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