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Bob Axtell
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There is a bug in the FuseEdit routines in MicroPro. This is an instability, caused by an occasional range error (undefined variable at initialisation).

The fix appears to be to manually enter the FUSE EDIT routine and press OK then exit. That allows everything to program properly from that point on.

We are working on this now.

Thanks to the users who discovered and verified the workaround.

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I've tried that every which way, and I'm still getting the error and pic fails to operate.

Bob Axtell
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Then something else is going on.
let's start all over with the symptoms.
What's happening, Kevin? (I talk with too
many people and lose track).

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I'm getting a different fuse error. When i load a hex file i'd generated from MPLAB (coded in C), i get the following error:

Error in HEX file - FUSE
Line : 197

Now.. what can i do?
Bob Axtell
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Originally Posted by j.funkie

I'm getting a different fuse error. When i load a hex file i'd generated from MPLAB (coded in C), i get the following error:

Error in HEX file - FUSE
Line : 197

Now.. what can i do?

The problem is in MicroPro, which thinks all PIC words must be over 8 bits. There is a workaround- simply load the hex file into MPLAB, then read it out again, and it will be in a form that MicroPro can take.

We are trying to repair this and other, more serious errors in MicroPro presently, but with a new human programmer, and a new, updated comnpiler, its a rough road. We'll fix it soon.
(Those humans: they'll never work out...).


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I'm stuck on MicroPro for now (no 16F628 around to update the firmware with), and I'm encountering this error with an 18F1320 hex file.

What is meant by 'read it out again' ? I'm using MPLAB v8.56, I can load the hex file - it appears as a text file, with the usual text controls. I can't save it unless I modify the file somewhat, so I can for instance add a blank line, and remove it, then save... but I still cannot load the file in MicroPro.

Any suggestions?

Update: If you encounter this issue, the fix is to *IMPORT* (File->Import) the hex file into MPLAB after you compile it, then *EXPORT* (File->Export) to a hex file. That exported hex file can be loaded by MicroPro.


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I have problem with fuse error in this programmable kit. whenever i tried to burn my chip, the programmer show me this message,

  Error in Hex file - FUSE
Line: 88

i am using DIY K149-BC v141204

i have run this hex file in proteus and my circuit is perfectly working in simulation software.
do you have any solution for that? whats wrong with this?
thanks for your help
with regard

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There may be a problem with the fuse settings for the particular PIC chip selected.

The following is from the Micropro help file:

"You can also embed the fuse data inside the source code for your project. When MicroBrn loads the assembled HEX file and finds fuse data, it will automatically set all the fuse options to match."

If you are embedding fuse data in your program then try removing it and setting it manually in Micropro before programming.

The other option is to upgrade your programmer to the latest DIYpack version. Remember that you need to upgrade the onboard firmware first before running the new Windows software.


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Hi peopless... I have a problem wich my programmer st8900 k150, i don't burning my pic 16f877a and 16f873a
5 days ,.... this errors show microbrn:  1 - Reset failed , please check comunications port, currently board connection
and power mode k150, make sure this setting matches programmer board. 

2 - EEPROM error at 0x0000   Good 0xFF    bad 0x00

My OS is Win 7, less antivirus, firewall. I crazy , i need is this programer, i have a work show a paper in convencion ....
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