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Bob Axtell
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The K149 and K150 power the onboard Virtual Comm Port USB-Serial converter chip (FT232BM) from the wall-wart.

When inserting or removing cables from the K149 or K150, the USB driver can get confused unless the cables are handled as follows:


1. Install the wallwart and powerup the unit first.
2. Install the USB cable.


1. Remove the USB Cable first.
2. Remove the wallwart and powerdown the unit.


The USB hardware at the PC end sees an cable disconnect with a running peripheral as normal, but a disconnect from a non-running (unpowered) peripheral as a fault, and may release the port assignment, i.e. COM5, COM7. The next time the unit comes online, MicroPro may see com port errors until the newly-assigneed com port has been located, especially if another USB peripheral has been installed in the interim. Most people find digging for the new com port as annoying and time-consuming.

A normal, powered release does NOT lose the comm port assignment. That's why K128 and K182 are rarely afflicted with com port changes. If the procedure above is followed, neither will K149/K150 users.

--Bob Axtell
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