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Im new at programming PICs and I gave k150 a try above all cause it is diy and I love that, It works perfectly well no problems except two of them:

1. The port+reset problems,>>>>>>>>>>> the solution is very well known and easy to solved

2. (upgrade to DIYPACK26=p018) vs pic16f716 >>> no solution yet

I manage to flash the firmware into a new 16f628A successfully and the programmer is working good
Try several Pics and all of them were flashed correctly  I did this cause pic16f716 was not in the list 

try pic16f716 but it  always get a  Read Data Error

my questions are:
Is there a trick for that particular Pic?

Did someone program pic16f716 successfully ever?
Is there a hard mod I have to do?
Maybe programming then via ICSP

I'll aprecciate any help

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Try updating to DIYpack25EP2 which uses protocol P18A. Don't know if that will fix your problem but it is the absolute latest official DIYpack that was released.

You can download it from

Please note that all development to the DIY PIC programmers has stopped so if that doesn't fix your problem then there is nothing else DIY can do.

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I know all development to the DIY PIC programmers has stopped that is why I ask on this forum ,I see its not dead, Thanks Frank for your quick answer. It looks like I did an upgraded but the fact is that I downgraded  the K150, cause micropro seems to be replace by the later Microbrn. p018 includes pic16f716 ,new ..25ep2 doesn't but electronically speaking the circuit did not change at all. so I believe that downgrading to a version that includes that pic wil solve my problem

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I think your read problem is due to the fuses.  I have the same problem, once you set the fuse manually, you will not get the read error anymore.

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Hi ,Flodeir your problem was with the 16f716? What values did you use for your fuses?
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