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I am totally new to PIC and Programmer. I'm sorry if anything wrong.

I use kit 182A. ICSP Flash USB pic programmer and MicroPro to program 16F84 pic. But every time I click 'program' I got a programming error message.
The message shows . . .

" ROM Programming Error at address 0x0000
Good 0x1E03
Bad    0x0000 "

This program is my very first program and I don't know how to fix it. Could anyone help me,pls?


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There are a lot of possible problems here.

Since you a new to PICs are you sure you are connecting the programming header cable to the correct pins on the PIC chip?

Are you programming 'in circuit'? If so then there could be other components interfering with the signals coming from the programmer. You cannot have an output from another IC connected to a pin that is being used for programming.

What power supply are you using for the K182 kit? Must be at least 16.5V DC.

Are you conencting the power pin on the programming header to the target circuit? Is the target circuit also powered? If so then you have a clash there.

I assume the Windows software recognises the programmer and the chip you are programming?


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same case as mine,

no external power supply for the K128 programmer, it's powered by USB port.

i tried to reprogram the 16F628A and the massage are appear

any solution??

is the PIC dead?

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same problem with mine. i insert 16f84A hit program and get the following

ROM programming error at address 0x0000:  Good 0x28BA:  Bad 0x0000
I am using a new acer laptop with Vista and kit is K128 "ALL FLASH PROGRAMMER"

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Providing all the correct USB drivers have been installed properly then it could be a bad batch of programmers. If this is the first time use then this could well be the case. Contact your reseller and ask for an exchange.

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I have the same problem, I am using K182.  I am trying to program a PIC 18F458.
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