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I would like to run a relay off a Db switch which will activate a horn. I would like the Db switch to detect loud sounds then run the relay for 30 seconds then stop. At the end of time I would like the relay to re enrgize if sound is detected and continue to repeat as long as the sound continues to be detected. I have a neighbor who blasts his music at obscene levels all day everyday. Nobody can enjoy the outdoors in our neighborhood with him. So I want the switch and relay to repeat until he turns his music off. Do you have any circuitry or electronics that can help me. I’m an electrician so wiring will not be a problem if you can provide a schematic

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I have a sound activated switch, K126, but it will not be suitable for your purpose. It cannot be 'tuned' to respond specifically to loud music. The sensitivity would need to be adjusted such that it will trigger on many different noises, thereby making it susceptible to false triggering.
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